At CB Squared Services, Inc., we’re proud of our history of providing top-notch vehicle services to the Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas, for nearly 40 years.


An individual named Ed Washburn conceived the quick lube concept. Ed coined the name Jiffy Lube® and franchised a small number of service centers in the Utah area. Some five years later, Jim Hindman, a football coach at a small western Maryland college was challenged by some of his players when they stated there were no opportunities left in America. Being a self-made millionaire already (coaching was at that time an avocation), he knew there were many opportunities and he challenged himself and his players to go out and find one more. After an extensive search, they found a small Midwest franchise consisting of 12 units with a terrific concept. Mr. Hindman purchased the fledgling Jiffy Lube system and moved it to Baltimore, Maryland.

Over the next several years, the system grew at a constant although slow pace. Introduction of Jiffy Lube into the highly populated East Coast region convinced Jim that Jiffy Lube would be the McDonald’s of the car care industry. Jim’s vision didn’t come easily and there were many times the system was on the brink of failure. The determination and conviction of Jim and his players wouldn’t let them even slow down, much less quit.

In this same time period, three gentlemen from the Washington, D.C. area read about the quick lube industry that was springing up in the Los Angeles area. After a thorough investigation, they decided to join the Jiffy Lube system. Store number 83 was the birth of CB Squared Services, Incorporated (CBI).

CBI has grown from that single initial service center to eighteen service centers in Maryland and Virginia. CBI started with a mere six employees and has since grown to over 200 employees today. We are proud of our service centers and our employees. While we are still relatively small, we are a self-contained company with our own training department, facilities maintenance division, IT division, automotive parts distributorship, windshield replacement company, and a fully staffed administrative group. The average longevity of our senior staff members, including service center management personnel, is over 10 years, with several individuals surpassing their 30th anniversary. We started with a single store, and plan on continuing to grow into the future.


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